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99 Days of Summer Update

Hi!  Can you believe it is Labor Day!?  Seriously, where did the time go??  Summer please don’t leave me yet!  I never understand how it flies by so fast!  My summer has just been jam-packed with fun, travel, family and friends but rather than sit here and give you the detailed blow-by-blow, why don’t I let the photos do the talking?  Here’s my 99 Days of Summer Update: 

99 days of summer end Collage 
1. Attend a blog conference

2. Visit a lighthouse.

3. Visit Martha’s Vineyard

4. Photograph a sunset.

5. Drive with the top down & visit a drive-in theater.

6. Watch a summer flick

7. Take a ferry ride.

8. Eat cherries. 

9. Yoga on the beach.

10. Buy a new swimsuit and snooze outside! 🙂

11. Wear a floppy hat.

12. Walk the beach. 

13. Get a new tunic cover up and swim in the ocean. 

14. Eat blueberries and try some new veggies from the farmer’s market.

15. Collect shells.

16. Shakespeare in the Park.

17. Visit a new beach.

18. Go to a ballgame.

19. Do some summer grilling. 

20. Kayak and buy a new swimsuit.

21. Make a mocktail.

22. Eat al fresco. 

23. Bryant Park yoga.

24. Play lawn games.

25. Try a new workout: cheerFIT

26. Go to an outdoor film: The Way We Were in Central Park.

27.. Play mini golf.  
mini golf 1

28. Try a new ice cream flavor: Chocolate Toasted Coconut.  To die for!

29. Film a video.  

barre video

 30. Leave work early and just relax.  The last summer Friday was this past Friday!  I’m going to miss them so much!

Although the 99 Days are officially over (which is seriously freaking me out because Baby B will be here in less than 99 days!), I’m still working away at some items on my list so I may do one more little update before the end of September.  Hope you don’t mind! 🙂

Check out my earlier update here!

Readers, what’s the best thing you did this summer?  Can you believe how fast summer went by?  What’s left on your bucket list?

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