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Advanced Pilates Exercises for Your Core

These advanced pilates exercises strengthen your core, stretch your body and challenge your mind and breathing. Prior pilates experience required. 

I feel like there is a lot of information out there for beginners.  A beginners guide to this, how to do that but not a ton of information for people who are ready to take it to the next level so to speak.  That requires a bit of finesse and knowing where to look.  Well, today my friends, look no further!  I’ve got an Advanced Pilates Exercise Workout for you to target your core.  It’s best to incorporate these exercises into your traditional pilates routine.  For more examples of pilates workouts you can add these advanced exercises in to, check out these 7 pilates exercises to strengthen and stretch and pilates with the ball!

advanced pilates workout

Teaser IV

advanced pilates teaser iv collage

From a teaser position, inhale with control and twist your arms to the left.  Then circle your arms up and to the right.  Then meet back in the center in a teaser and reverse directions.  Repeat 4x.

Hip Twist

advanced pilates hip twist collage

Sit tall with straight legs and squeeze them together tightly.  Lift in your waist and place your hands on the mat.  Inhale with control as you bring your legs toward your head and swing your legs to the right.  Maintain stillness in your upper body and swing your legs down to the mat and then exhale as you swing your legs to the left and back to center.  Repeat 3 sets.

Closed Leg Rocker

advanced pilates closed leg rocker collage

Bring legs together and grab feet drawing your head as close as you can to your shins bending elbows to the side.  Rock back to the base of your shoulder blades and then up.  Repeat 4x.  Don’t let momentum take over!


advanced pilates bicycle collage

Lie flat with legs squeezed together and feet pointed.  Inhale with control and lift your legs overhead one vertebrae at a time until you can place your palms flat again your lower back.  Balance evenly on your shoulders and inhale with control as you reach your left leg forward on a high diagonal and your right leg back in opposition.  Stabilize your left thigh and bend your left knee and exhale with control.  Inhale slowly as you draw your bent knee toward you and then straighten it back on a high diagonal overhead as you reach your right leg forward.  Repeat 6x.

Double Leg Lift Scissor

advanced pilates double leg lift scissors collage

Lie on your side with your body in a straight line from head to heels.  Squeeze your thighs together and inhale with control as you lift your legs off the mat and begin slowly scissoring the inner thighs past one another.  Repeat 10x and maintain a stabile torso throughout.

Reverse Leg Pull

advanced pilates reverse leg pull

Sit on the mat with legs squeezed together and toes pointed.  Place hands, palms down on the mat behind you with fingers pointed inward.  Press into your hands and elevate your hips until your body is in a long diagonal line from head to heels.  Inhale slowly as you lift your right leg up then exhale as you lower your foot with control back to the mat.  Repeat on the opposite leg.  Perform 6x on each leg.

Side Plank to Star

advanced pilates star pose collage

Start in side plank with feet stacked and a straight line from shoulders to heels.  Inhale as you raise your arm and leg up to the ceiling.  Exhale and return to start.  Repeat 3x.

Twisting Side Bend

advanced pilates twisting side bend

Begin in a side plank and lift top arm to the ceiling.  Stabilize the hips and exhale as you twist your upper body toward the mat and towards your ankles hiking your hips to the ceiling and scooping out the abs.  Return back to the side plank.  Repeat 4x.

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