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Babies at the Barre™: Stroller Barre Lower Body Blast

Hi friends!  I have a great workout today for mummies.  This one is so easy to incorporate with your baby (but the moves are definitely NOT easy!).  Just take baby in his or her stroller to the nearest local park and try out these moves.  I recommend walking for about 5 to 10 minutes to warm up and then performing these moves.  Barre classes are unique because they work on the principle of interval overload, meaning you work muscle groups until they are fatigued.  Because of that, I recommend doing this workout all at once.  But, if your baby needs motion to stay asleep, feel free to incorporate these moves into your walk.

Babies at the Barre™: stroller barre workout

Always consult your physician before starting this or any other workout.*

Babies at the Barre™:: stroller barre side barre

1. Plie Releve- Start in first position with one hand on the “barre”.  Bend knees and plie.  Straighten legs and rise onto balls of feet for a releve.  Repeat 30 times.

2.  First Position to Second Position Plie- Start in first position.  Plie and extend leg out to second position plie. Bring leg back in.  Repeat 30 times.  Switch sides and repeat on opposite leg.

3.  Heel Jog- Start in second position plie.  Lift outside heel up and plie pulse.  Drop heel down and lift opposite heel and plie pulse.  Continue alternating heels 30 times.

4.  Plie Pull Down- Start in second position with legs straight and arms overhead.  Plie into second position while bring arms down to sides.  Extend back up to starting position and repeat.  Do 30 reps at a quick pace.

5.  Plie Oblique Twist-  Start in second position plie with hands in a prayer position in front of body and back straight.  Twist to the left side bringing right elbow to left thigh. Come back to center and repeat to the right side bringing left elbow to right thigh.  Repeat alternating sides at a quick pace 30 times.

Babies at the Barre™: stroller barre workout

1.  Narrow V Pulse- Face your “barre” with both hands resting lightly on it and feet in first position (a V position about a fist distance apart).  Bend knees and drop into a low plie.  Come up about halfway (not all the way, keep the muscles engaged) and then plie back down again.  Use two counts to go down and 2 counts to come halfway up.  Repeat 15 times.  Then perform 15 single count reps.

2.  Flat Back Chair- Face your barre with feet in parallel position and hands on the barre.  Back is flat.  Bend knees into a plie position as if you are sitting into a chair.  Drop seat to knee level and then pulse at that level for 30 counts.

3.  Flat Back Heel Lift- Start in Flat Back Chair.  Lift heels up and pulse.  Lower heels back down and pulse again.  Repeat 30 times.  Hold heels lifted and pulse at knee level 30 times.

4.  Lunge-  Stand with hands at the barre, one foot in front and one foot in back with heel lifted.  Lower into a lunge position then straighten up.  Repeat 3o times.  Hold lunge and pulse 30 times.  Repeat with opposite leg forward.

5.  Lunge with Heel Lift- Repeat lunge with front heel lifted.

* For the full terms and conditions associated with this workout, please click here.

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