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Babies on Board at Xtend Barre

Hi there!  How is your day going?  I have to say I’m beginning to get into the swing of this mama thing.  Cooper and I have quite the little routine going on.  We’ve been going to Gymboree and I’m happy to say that we are improving on our tummy time (he normally hates it and cries but we’ve been able to do a solid few minutes without any crying!).  My personal favorite activity, however, is Babies on Board at Xtend Barre.  

xtend babies on board 2

It is really challenging to carve out uninterrupted time to workout by myself so when I heard about Babies on Board, I knew it was going to be perfect for me and Coops.  Not to mention I am obsessed with barre classes!

xtend babies on board

The class is set up similar to a traditional Xtend Barre class (for more info, see my post on Xtend Barre) except you wear your little baby in a secure carrier for the class.  We start out with some warm-up moves in the center and then move on to some light dumbbell work for the upper body followed by some leg and booty work at the barre.  The last portion of class focuses on abs and stretching and is done on the mat.  For the mat work the babies come out of the carriers and lie on a mat next to your mat.

The class is an amazing workout and the extra ten pound weight you wear helps boost your heart rate and really creates some resistance.  One of the best parts of the class is that Cooper absolutely loves the movement and sleeps through most of the class.  He has been pretty good for the mat work but since he doesn’t like lying on his own very long, he often starts to cry by the end of class.  I try to always be prepared to feed him right after!

I love the class because it is actually an amazing workout, I don’t need childcare and it is fun to spend time with Coops while working out!  I went to another barre class over the weekend and I missed my little buddy during the ab section!

Here are a few moves you might see in an Xtend Barre Babies on Board class:

second position plie pulse

courtesy lunge 2

bicep curls 2

tricep press 2

tendu 2

fourth position 2

Readers, do you workout with your children?  Have you ever found “the perfect class” for you?        

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