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The Best Workouts for New Moms

Today I want to talk about the Best Workouts for New Moms.  These workouts include your little one and are perfect for getting in a sweat and spending time with your bundle of joy!  The Best Workouts for New Moms is easy and fun.

Best Workouts for New Moms

Babies at the Barre: Stroller Barre Workout

first position

This is one of my favorites because instead of a boring walk around the park, you can spice up your routine with a barre workout.  The best part is, you’ve got your own portable barre with you. Baby sleeps in the stroller while you get your workout in!

Pilates with Baby

pilates for new moms 7

This is a great one for bonding with your baby while getting a solid workout in on the mat.  For non-mobile babies, you can also just lay them down on a blanket while you do a few extra moves.  Mobile babies are a bit more fun because they require constant engagement!

Babies at the Barre: Abs with Baby

mom and baby pilates 8

The abs.  A much sought after area to work and what better way to do it with the extra resistance from baby?  The little one will love looking at you making silly faces while you work away!

Babies on Board

fourth position

Strapping baby safely to your chest and getting in a barre workout is a great idea for spending time with baby and getting toned.  Plus, the little one will likely fall asleep from the rocking motion.

Readers, what workouts do you do with your kids?  

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