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Cape Cod: The Best Beaches and Fun!

Hey there! I’m back to reality after a week off. I’m thinking of going on vacation permanently. I wish! Lots of good food and fun describe the week I’ve had! Cape Cod is huge and it can be so hard to see the best of why the Cape has to offer. Luckily I’ve put together a cheat sheet of some of the best in Cape Cod. And because there is so much, I’ll be splitting it up into at least two parts!


The Best Cape Cod Beaches
The Cape is best known for one thing and that is the plethora of unspoiled, picturesque public beaches. This is one thing that sets it apart from places like the Hamptons where a beach sticker is required at most beaches. Most of the beaches on the Cape offer public parking for a fee.


I recommend heading out to the outer Cape (i.e. the eastern most portion) for some fantastic beaches. The Cape Cod National Seashore covers the tip of the Cape and these state beaches are extremely pristine with soft sand and clean water. The water actually even begins to take on an aqua hue because you are so far away from main-land. The beaches stretch for miles surrounded by huge sand dunes and you could literally walk from one beach to the next if you had the time, the legs and someone to pick you up at the other end. So if long walks on the beach are part of your online dating profile, I mean your thing, you’ll love these beaches.

nauset light6

A few of my favorite beaches are:

Marconi is located in Wellfleet, Ma and is the furthest east of the beaches on this list. It’s parking lot is huge, which is key given the rush to get a spot at all the beaches. 


 The sand dunes are massive and there are some pretty big stairs taking you down to the beach. Pause a minute before heading down and snap a photo! The.view is gorgeous!


There are bathrooms, changing rooms and outdoor showers here but no snack bar. Lifeguards are on duty. The beach is huge so even when it’s crowded you can find a spot. Marconi is a great spot for surfing and body surfing with great waves that aren’t too huge if you are just starting out.




Ahhh relaxation!

Parking is $15 but a season pass (good at all CC National Seashore Beaches) is $45.


Coast Guard Beach
Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, Ma is another fav. At low tide the sandbars here provided hours of fun for kids. There are great waves for bodysurfing and the water has a beautiful hue. Be prepared for some cold temps at all of these beaches. The chilly Atlantic sometimes doesn’t want to give up its iciness even in August!


There is a large parking lot but you need to be shuttled from the lot to the beach. The shuttle takes about 10 minutes and runs regularly. The last shuttle is at 5:15pm and is best avoided due to crowds and long waits for the ride back.



Outdoor showers an restrooms available plus ample bike parking and lifeguards.




Nauset Light Beach
A popular Cape beach located in Eastham, Ma. The parking lot here is tiny and fills up fast so get here early! There is a beautiful lighthouse to check out. You can visit it or admire it from afar.

nauset light3

There is also the potential for seal spotting here.

nauset light8

The shore is rockier than other beaches so proceed with caution.

nauset light7


nauset light5

Bathrooms, change rooms and outdoor showers and lifeguards are all available here.

nauset light1

Stand Up Paddling and Kayaking
Two big sports on the Cape are SUP and kayaking. In fact, you would be hard pressed to drive anywhere on the Cape without seeing at least one car toting one of these pieces of equipment on their roof.





There are many places to rent either or both by the hour or by the day. Some places will deliver to your location while others require pick-up or go just off the beach.

If you are just starting out, I recommend seeking out a harbor or bay as the water will be flat and calm, making it easier to learn.

The Wellfleet Drive-In
This was my first time visiting the drive-in theater and I fell in love with the retro-feel of this place. For $9 each you can check out the latest releases in the comfort of your car. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy, which was not what I would ever choose but you don’t get much choice at the drive-in since there are only two films: one at 8pm and one at 10pm. Films run for about a week before switching up.

wellfleet drivein1

wellfleet drivein3

If you are planning on visiting, I recommend two things:
1) Bring some food with you. There is a snack bar there but it’s busy and there is so much good food in the area, why pass that up?

2) Take a small car. Big SUVs must park in the back and prime parking is available for smaller cars!

wellfleet drivein2

wellfleet drivein4

Well, that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Cape Cod. I’ll be back next week with the best places to eat!

Readers, have you ever been to a drive-in? Would you swim in 60 degree water? What do you look forward to most on vacation?

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