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The City and the Beach

Hello friends!  I hope you had a great weekend!  The family and I decided to really take advantage of Sydney and spent Friday night in the city.  We couldn’t wait to take our stroller out for a walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens and show Coops the famous Harbour (he is half Aussie you know!).

botanical gardens

botanical gardens 2

botanical gardens 3

He was obviously very excited! 

mom and coops sydney

opera house

dad and coops sydney

Well, at least we enjoyed the view!

hyde park 2

We also took him to Hyde Park, which is so clean and really beautiful next to this huge church.


hyde park

Since my birthday is coming up, my in-laws were nice enough to get the Hubs and I a room at Manly Beach for Saturday night.  I was super excited because obviously I love the beach and Sunday was scheduled to be a beautiful day.  It has been quite cloudy here so I was looking forward to some sun, sand and surf!


Check out the view from our balcony.  A little champagne to celebrate!

beach 3

This was Cooper’s first time at the beach and we were pleased that he tolerated it pretty well!

family photo

beach 1

beach 2

Although he doesn’t look particularly happy, he didn’t cry and put up with having his feet put in the sand.

coops and mom beach

family photo 2

Plus, all the excitement at the beach really tuckered him out.  He took about a three hour nap in the afternoon!

Readers, do you like swimming in the ocean or are you a pool person?  Do you enjoy sitting on the sand or the grass?  Atlantic or Pacific?

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