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Hi everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend!  The Hubs and I had a fantastic weekend which included some beach time, working out, tennis and seeing my cousin’s little baby boy.  He is absolutely the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life!  He was just so smiley and lovable and didn’t cry at all during lunch!

Beach time!

Tennis Shadow

Sunset in September

This week I’m linking up with Joi at RxFitnessLady for her Mini Blog challenge!  I’m excited to take part in what should be a really fun week!  Everyday there will be a different prompt and you’ll get my take on the prompt.  Today’s prompt is Confessions of a Blogger.  Well, here goes nothing.  My confessions:

1. Remember how last week I did a Seven Day Detox?  Well, it really turned out to be a Six Day Detox.  Weekend eats included a pumpkin spice muffin (not healthy), a lobster roll, steak and chicken with fruit salsa and sweet potatoes.  I topped it off with some really yummy s’more pies I found over at Iowa Girl Eats.  Confession: Even healthy eating bloggers fall off the wagon.

Steak and Chicken

S'more pie

2.  I don’t always want to workout.  I know you may find this hard to believe with a blog full of workout ideas and motivation but there are days where I would gladly trade my sneakers in for some comfy PJs and a movie!

3.  I have a really difficult time coming up with my own recipes.  I seriously don’t know how the food bloggers do it!  I can’t think of creative, inspiring, mouthwatering recipes for the life of me.  I always take my inspiration from something I’ve seen in a magazine or online and then change around the recipe a little (usually to make it easier so I don’t have to buy as much stuff) and sh’bam, we’ve got a recipe!

4.  I eat dessert every night!  Seriously.  I just cannot give up a little something sweet after dinner.  I love my chocolate!

Britt Chocolate 2

5.  I’ve said no, on more than one occasion, to invitations to go out for dinner or get drinks so I can stay home by myself on a Friday night and watch TV.  No joke.  

6.  I hoard magazines.  Yes, I live in a one bedroom apartment.  Yes, I realize that I rarely read the magazines even a second time.  Yes, I still want to keep them.     

7.  I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.  My most read sections include: The Personal Journal, Greater New York and the one line blurbs on the front page.

8.  Sometimes when no one else is home, I turn on music and start singing and dancing.

9.  I hate the winter.  I could go skiing for four days and that would be enough winter for me for the entire year.  I could live with it being above 70 degrees at all times.

10.   I made another YouTube video for you this weekend.  Just know that I’m smiling on the outside but screaming on the inside.  My legs are so sore I can barely walk!  Here’s a preview!

Barre at the Beach 1

Barre at the Beach 2

Barre at the Beach 3

Readers, what are your confessions?  What did you do this weekend?

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