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DIY At-Home Facial

Personally I love a good facial. You crawl into the facial bed, which is toasty warm, and spend the next 60 minutes immersed in a cleansing ritual that makes me melt with relaxation. Unfortunately we can’t all spend the time and money to get a regular facial at a spa. So I like to give myself my own DIY At-Home Facial for a little R&R at home. Here’s my ritual:

DIY At-Home Facial

First I like to set the scene with a relaxing setting. I light a nice scented candle to set the mood and put on some relaxing music.

DIY at-home facial home spa

Next I make sure to have the right products on hand. I personally am a fan of Dermalogica products because they work well for my skin and they smell good!

DIY At-home facial dermalogica

I also like to have a few eucalyptus-soaked towels on hand to use to wipe my face.

DIY at-home facial eucalyptus oil

Next it is time to get rid of any top layer dirt, including makeup. I like Neutrogena wipes because they are easy to use and effective.

DIY At-home facial neutrogena

After removing the top layer of impurities, I start to do a deeper clean with my cleanser.

DIY at-home facial dermalogica special cleansing gel

I like to really massage the cleanser into my skin giving myself a face massage. I then use an exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells.

DIY at-home facial dermalogica daily microfoliant

The key to a good exfoliator is finding one that will remove the dead skin cells without irritating the skin.

DIY at-home facial exfoliant

After removing the dead skin cells, I apply a face mask.

DIY at-home facial mask

Then it is time to sit back and relax and enjoy my relaxing music. I try to meditate during this time and just focus on relaxing my body.

DIY at-home facial dermalogica intensive moisture mask

After using one of my eucalyptus-soaked towel to remove the mask, I use a spray toner.

DIY at-home facial dermalogica facial spray

After the toner, it is time to use boosters specific to your skin needs. Personally I have been using a hydrating booster and skin brightening serums.

DIY at-home facial dermalogica skin hydrating booster

DIY at-home facial dermalogica hyperpigmentation kit 2

I use a deep moisturizer and then apply an eye cream.

DIY at-home facial dermalogica power firm

Afterwards I like to spend a few minutes just relaxing before emerging back into my day with brighter, fresher skin.

Readers, are you a fan of facials? What are your favorite face products?

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