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Dreamy December

I can’t believe it is December! Where did the year go? It was just summer I swear! Time needs to sloooooow down! Unfortunately I think it is just going to feel faster from here on out. December is definitely a great month. The holidays are here and there is so much to look forward to! Here are a few ways to make December feel dreamy!


1. Indulge in some holiday spirit. I listen to Michael Buble’s Christmas album on my iPod. I also love catching a holiday themed show like the Rockettes.  Oh and I may have bought some Talenti Peppermint Bark Gelato recently.  Heck ya!

holiday decorations

2.  Keep the thankful feeling from November.  I gave you guys a whole list of ways to be thankful in November, but I fully believe that the list applies in December too.  It’s the holidays, it’s the end of the year, reflect on what you have and remember to give back.

3.  Stay on top of your fitness.  It’s so easy to slide from Thanksgiving to the holidays without much thought to our health.  In between holiday parties and the multitude of temptations this time of year brings, fitness and health definitely fall by the wayside.  I’m totally ok with it not being the main focus.  I mean, the holidays come just once a year!  BUT, don’t give up all the progress you’ve made this year.  Schedule in your workouts, make a conscience effort to eat healthy when you aren’t at a party and drink plenty of water!


4. SLEEP!  Ok I’m probably the last person on earth that should be preaching this one right now, but seriously sleep is important.  It helps you combat weight gain and recharges your brain.  So do carve out some time this month to go to bed early or sleep in.  

5.  Focus on the meaning of the holidays.  I love gift giving.  Truly.  I enjoy buying gifts for my close family and watching them open the presents on Christmas Day.  But, it is always good to remember what the holidays are really about and not get lost in the commercial aspect.

6. Go ice skating!  This is my favorite favorite way to stay fit in the middle of the winter and it is so fun!

7. Participate in 24 Days of Togetherness.  I saw this for the first time two years ago on Tina’s blog and I love the concept.  You basically make a list of things to do with your loved ones to celebrate being together from now until the holidays and try to get them all done.  It really helps celebrate the season and focus on the important people in your life!

Readers, what are you up to this month?  How are you making December dreamy?  How many holiday parties do you have lined up this year?  I’m not going to many this year but I’m still planning on enjoying the season!

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