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Favorite Prenatal Pilates Moves

Hi there!  How’s your week going?  After a week in Cape Cod, it’s tough getting back to the grind!  Luckily, I have a fun post for you today.  I am loving Pilates for pregnancy.  I’ve tried some great prenatal Pilates DVDs and I wanted to share a few of my favorite prenatal Pilates moves with you today!*

favorite prenatal pilates Collage

Pilates is great for pregnancy because:
– iI strengthens and stretches.
– It helps improve posture, which will assist you in carrying the extra baby weight and avoid aches and pains.
– The mind/body connection can help relax you.
– It is an all-over toner but it is core-focused. A strong core is super important for carrying that baby and childbirth.

Reach and Pull

pilates1 Collage Lunge with Arm Lift

pilates2 Collage

Pelvic Lift with Heel Lift 

pilates3 Collage Back Extension



pilates5 Collage Double Leg Stretch 

pilates7 Collage

Oblique Twist

pilates8 Collage

Readers, what’s your favorite Pilates move? How do you incorporate stretching into your regular routine?

* Please consult a physician before trying this or any other exercise.  Every pregnancy is different and what works for me may not work for you!

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