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Favorite Prenatal Yoga Moves

Hey friends!  Hope you had a good weekend!  I’m a little behind because I’ve been out of the county on a fun, but short trip!  More details to come!  But let’s talk about some prenatal yoga!

childs pose.jpg

I’ve always been a huge fan of yoga, even before I was pregnant.  Now that I’m pregnant, I love it even more.  If my back is aching, my feet are swollen or I’m just feeling a bit tired, yoga just has a way of making me feel more energized yet also relaxed.  Of course, with everything in pregnancy, modifications are necessary.  I’ve put together a few of my favorite prenatal yoga moves that I’ve found either work well for pregnancy or are easily modified.*  Enjoy!

cat cow Collage 2.jpg

sun salutations Collage.jpg

low lunge.jpg

warrior 2.jpg


chair pose.jpg

figure 4.jpg

hip stretch.jpg

yogi pose.jpg

Readers, what’s your favorite yoga pose?  Have you ever done something that is both relaxing and energizing at the same time?  Do you use yoga more for stretching or strengthening?  

* These moves are based on my own practice and my own ability level.  Always do what feels best for your body and your baby.  Consult a physician before doing this or any other form of exercise.  Seek a certified yoga instructor for guidance on how to perform each move.

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