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Fit Fashion Club: Kate Spade Activewear

I’ve been excited about this post since January 1st.  You see, it was back on that day, nearly two months ago I heard the words “Kate Spade” and “activewear” together in the same sentence and then I nearly keeled over.  You see I have a small obsession with Kate Spade. Judging by the number of handbags, home items, desk items, stationary and clothing I own, I can admit it is a full-fledged problem.

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dancer's pose

Kate Spade Activewear does not disappoint.  Covered in flattering stripes and their signature bows, it is both slightly whimsical and functional, just like the brand itself.  Kate Spade paired up with Beyond Yoga for this venture and while I don’t own any other Beyond Yoga clothing items, I started following them on social media because I was really impressed with the flattering shapes and the overall quality of the products.

Kate Spade and Beyond Yoga Activewear

While it was of course difficult to decide exactly which pieces to get (I was told under no circumstances was I to buy all . . .), I finally decided on the Peek-a-Boo Cami, High Waist Side Bow Capri Legging and Bow Neck Jacket.

kate spade outfit

The Peek-a-Boo Cami was so adorable and so flattering.  I love the actual little pee-a-boo it created at the center. And the top looked like a bow without actually being a bow! Plus the cami was long, which helped create a nice flattering silhouette.  And I didn’t realize this until later but the back can either have separate straps or you can hook them together for a different look.

Kate Spade Activewear Peek-a-Boo Cami

Kate Spade Beyond Yoga Activewear Peek-a-Boo Cami Back

The material is also so soft and comfortable, I could easily wear it all day long.  It has plenty of stretch to it and is not restrictive in any movement.  It is definitely light coverage though so better for classes that are low impact like yoga, pilates, barre or general athleisure.


The High Waist Side Bow Capri Legging was yet another win with extremely soft fabric that was super comfortable.  I normally don’t go for high waist styles because I always feel like it creates rolls on me, but paired with the long cami I couldn’t really tell the difference.  Just like the cami, I thought the High Waist Side Bow Capri was extremely flattering, creating a long beautiful silhouette.

leg bow

Kate Spade Activewear High Waist Side Bow Legging Saying

My favorite part of the pants are the cute little side bows holding together the small cutout circle.  Love!  This is really a Kate touch.

Kate Spade Activewear High Waist Side Bow Legging

Finally, the Bow Neck Jacket.  This one was the cutest piece of all in my opinion!  The big on the front was a very Kate Spade touch and really made me feel like I could “Eat Cake for Breakfast” or “Escape the Ordinary” or any other number of Kateisms.

Kate Spade Activewear Bow Neck Jacket

Kate Spade Activewear Bow Neck Jacket Bow Detail

I would totally wear this jacket to and from my workouts and out to brunch and around the house and on the plane and just generally anywhere!

Kate Spade Activewear with Beyond Yoga

Kate Spade Athleisure


Overall, this is definitely on the expensive end for activewear but the upside is the quality and fabric are also really high end performance wear.  I think if you are an avid low-impact exerciser, this is a brand for you!

side plank reachKate Spade + Beyond Yoga Activewear

Readers, what are some of your favorite activewear styles?  Are you a fan of high-waisted pants?  Is there a particular brand you are obsessed with?

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