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Food & Fitness: Healthy Eating + Yoga Props

Hello! It’s Friday!  Does anyone else feel like June is just flying by? Seriously what happened?  I want to thank everyone for the nice comments on Tuesday’s post.  You guys are so sweet! Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday’s Food and Fitness!

Food and Fitness Collage






After the yumminess of last weekend, we needed something simple and easy to carry us through the week. I whipped up a batch of hummus and we had a quick and easy Mediterranean dinner! The best part was that I also had lunch for two days!


Keeping with the theme, I made this chicken pita with romaine salad recipe I got from Cooking Light.  The recipe called for turkey but I wanted chicken and it worked out completely fine!

chicken pita

And because I had a bunch of leftover chicken, I ended up doing something I NEVER do…throw together a bunch of leftovers and call it a day.  Cooked chicken, a simple salad plus 5 minute couscous et voila!  Dinner is served.

chicken with couscous

I also made this delicious pizza this week.  It’s a summer veggie pizza and I’ll give you one guess where I got the recipe. 😉  Zucchini, cherry tomatoes, onion, garlic, EVOO and fresh basil.  It was soooo yummy!







I’ve been loving yoga so much lately!  In addition to my Yoga in Times Square, I’ve been practicing a lot at home.  It’s been so good for all the aches, pains and swelling of pregnancy.  Practicing at home is fantastic because it is so easy and you can start the second you have some time, but I do miss having all the props and gadgets from the studio.  I was super excited when Mama Kuka reached out to me about their YogaSphere yoga straps.  Personally I’ve never been a huge fan of yoga straps in the studio because the whole looping them through the buckle thing and getting them to the right length always seemed like such a hassle.  I would spend so much time trying to figure out the setup that I would sometimes miss the pose, but straps are so helpful, especially with binding poses.

mama kuka 7

Mama Kuka sent me four of their YogaSphere straps to try out in different sizes.  I was excited to incorporate them into my practice and explore just how useful they can be.

mama kuka 1

Holly Bennett, owner of Mama Kuka and a yoga instructor, created the YogaSphere straps to help with alignment because just as our arms create circles around the body when we bind, the straps should also create circles.  This allows every pose to be in reach and creates alignment, stability and security. 

mama kuka 2

The straps can be used to assist poses (like in King Dancer), reduce slumping into one side (like in Triangle), maintain alignment (like in Plank to Chatarunga) and assist with binds.

Mama kuka 3

Overall I was really pleased with the product.  They are especially great if you don’t have a teacher around to help you into a pose.  Even if you practice regularly in a studio, I think these would be such a great investment.  You can just throw them in your yoga bag and keep them next to your mat.  No more looping and buckles required!  I definitely recommend getting a variety of sizes though since the straps are not stretchy and you may need more assistance with certain poses than others.

mama kuka 4

Mama Kuka straps range from $5.99 to $12.99 depending on the size but they also offer kits ranging from $17.99 to $34.99, which gives you a range of options and is the way to go in my opinion!

mama kuka 5

mama kuka 6

Readers, do you regularly use yoga straps?  Are you a throw-together-leftovers person or a recipe-every-night person?  What’s your go-to healthy meal on lazy summer nights?

*Mama Kuka provided me with YogaSphere yoga straps.  All opinions expressed are my own!

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