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Friday’s Food & Fitness

Hello my friends!  What a crazy week this has been!  Sixty degrees one day and then twenty degrees another.  Get it straight Mother Nature!  Plus, a plane has gone missing and there was a huge building explosion in Harlem. I never know what to expect anymore when I turn on the news in the morning.

Anywho, welcome to this week’s Food & Fitness!

Food and Fitness Collage






I was grocery shopping recently and I saw this jar of coconut oil and decided I needed to buy it immediately!  Nevermind the fact that I had no idea what to do with it.  I happily paid for my purchase and skipped on home only to place the jar in the pantry and forget about it.  Recently, I saw the jar while digging through my pantry and decided, I had enough of letting sit on the shelf.  It was time to get creative and start using it.

coconut oil

I decided to start out simple with a Thai curry.  I figured it is already made with coconut milk so I couldn’t go wrong.

thai curry


It actually came out really delicious!  The coconut oil didn’t have an overwhelming taste to it but it sure smelled good cooking!

Thai curry2

Over the weekend the Hubs and I visited Urban Rustic in Brooklyn for an awesome 8:30am breakfast.  We had a tennis court reserved at 7am Saturday morning because we are crazy and we wanted to grab a bite after our match.  They had an amazing juice bar.

urban rustic 3

I got the healthy egg scramble and boy was it goooood!  Lots of sriracha!

urban rustic1





So many great things in fitness this week!  Of course I’ve been having fun with my online workouts!  

Two barre classes: Xtend Barre & Physique 57

xtend barre attitude


Turbo Fire 2

Oh and some yoga!

Readers, what was your favorite workout of the week?  Have you ever cooked with coconut oil?  What are you up to this weekend?

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