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Friday’s Food & Fitness

Hello friends! How was your week? Does it seem like summer is flying by? It always seems that way to be. I propose no more work days for the rest of the summer!

Welcome to Friday’s Food & Fitness! Let’s get started!

Food and Fitness Collage





Sigh. I did a terrible job of photographing my eats this week. I don’t know…it was late, I was hungry and tired and I had to cook all week long because the Hubs was actually home this week (Pete, if you are reading this, it is so worth it!). But here’s what I did get:


Fourth of July grilling! My brother grilled the perfect steak. My Dad made a delicious fresh lobster salad and I ate the ENTIRE thing! So so happy about that since I’ve been a little bit turned off from seafood! And my Mom made corn on the cob with a nice peach dessert that didn’t get photographed because I was wolfing it down. I didn’t make anything! Ha.

lobster salad2014

Oh this margarita chicken with lime and cilantro rice, guacamole and mango salsa I made (technically part of last week’s eats but let’s not get technical shall we). The chicken recipe is from Iowa Girl Eats. Love, love, love. You must try!

margarita chicken

These festive chicken burgers from Blue Apron. I accidentally forgot to cancel the shipment of last week’s meals and they sent me six meals on Tuesday right before I left for the Cape on Wednesday. Oy!

chicken burgers

I love the little flags!  And the mini tabasco!

mini tabasco

And these Irish Nachos from Skinnytaste (old photo). They weren’t planned but the convo went a little like this:

irish nachos

Me: “I’m kind of craving Irish Nachos. Just saying.”

Hubs: “Oh yeah!”

Me: “Should I get the groceries and make them? I have other ingredients.”

Hubs: “Yes! Definitely!”

And that was that!






Sooooo I filmed a barre video over the weekend except I switched it to SD instead of HD because I didn’t have enough HD recording time left and apparently iMovie doesn’t slum it that way. So it looks like I’ll have to re-film the entire thing. Whomp whomp. At least I got in a good workout!

barre video

I’ve been going strong with Zumba…I’m not sure what the babes thinks about it. There’s a lot of shaking around. He is probably like “Mom, what is HAPPENING!?” Haha. Or maybe he just sleeps through the whole thing. Who knows!


Readers, do you have a favorite go-to meal? Any tips on making iMovie succumb to my demands? Do you think food tastes better when you don’t have to do any of the work?

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