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A Healthy Lunch

I hate lunch. Not the actual eating lunch because I’m always starving come lunchtime but the process of deciding what to have and making it or buying it. I have tons of ideas for breakfast and dinner but ask me what to have for lunch and I am at a loss. Even when I buy lunch, I still have a hard time deviating from a few sure things and that gets a bit boring.

I decided to put an end to boring and made a healthy lunch that you can have this week!

I like to make sure I have some protein, veggies, fruit and a little something special for lunch.  I put together this bento-style lunch in a mere minutes.  It’s easy for on-the-go lunches or when you are just looking to through together something quick at home.

lunch 2

1. Apples- A fail-safe fruit, it is portable and filling.  The fiber on the skin will keep you full while the sweetness of the apple is satisfying.  My favorite is honeycrisp.  Also great with some almond butter spread on it.

2. Hummus- I love making my own hummus but I’ve also come across a few really great store-bought brands recently.  They have unique flavors that really add some kick to the boring old hummus routine.  I like to have two varieties to spice it up. 

3. Veggies- I love looking at this color palette!  It screams healthy!  Baby carrots in individual packages are easy to grab on the go and perfectly portioned.  I also buy mini cucumbers so I can slice one up at a time since I hate mushy cukes.  And pre-sliced peppers save me a ton of time.

4. Hardboiled eggs- I buy a half dozen eggs and hardboil them at once so I can eat them throughout the week.  They are easy and packed with protein.  Also, don’t be scared of the yokes!  One yoke a day shouldn’t negatively impact your cholesterol.

5. Power balls- These are so easy to make, full of nutritious goodness and quite tasty.  It’s a nice treat to add to a meal.  Check out the recipe!

[yumprint-recipe id=’38’] Readers, what do you eat for lunch?  What would you put in a power ball?  




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