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How To Get a Six Pack

This post is sponsored by Bliss.  By clicking on the links in this post, I receive a commission, regardless of whether you make a purchase or not.  Thank you so much for your support!  As always, opinions are 100% my own!

Hi friends!  Thank you all so much for your best wishes yesterday for our anniversary!  Unfortunately the Hubs was in Mexico for work but he did send me some beautiful flowers and we are going out to dinner when he is back!  

On Monday we talked about the Bliss Fat Girl Slim Lean Machine for reducing cellulite, well, today we are going to get a six pack! I don’t know about you but I’ve never been one that thought my abs were my best asset.  While not flabby, I wouldn’t say I have a ripped six pack.  Any bulges that create the appearance of muscles are usually the result of a recent pasta binge.  What can I say, I love my carbs!

fat girl sixpack 1

In reality though, I do a lot of cardio and a lot of core work.  I think they are both essential to a healthy body but I also kind of want to look like I have an awesome bikini body.  So when Bliss asked me to try out their Fat Girl Six Pack, I was super excited!  I decided it is my mission to get a six pack and I put together a little tutorial for you on how to achieve a six pack! 

six pack Collage.jpg

1.      Cardio– Everyone has ab muscles but whether or not they are defined depends on how much you have covering them up.  If you are carrying around any extra bodyweight, your ab muscles are going to be covered by a layer of fat.  No matter how many crunches you do, you won’t be able to see definition in these muscles until you can burn away the fat.  The best way to get rid of fat is with cardio.

2.      Eat ab-tastic foods– Certain foods will help you banish belly fat better than others.  For example, good fats like raw nuts, avocados and fish like salmon.  Low-fat dairy like Greek yogurt is good for you and contains probiotics that aid digestion.  Healthy, fiber-rich grains like quinoa will help achieve that flat belly look.  And of course the winner in all things health related– fruits and vegetables!

3.      Crunch, twist & tone– Yes, my friends, the good old ab crunch will help you achieve that perfect six pack look you are going for!  I put together a few ab moves at the end of this post for you to try!

4.      Drink lots of water–  Water helps with your digestion and naturally flushes out waste from your body.  Filling up on H20 will also keep you from noshing if you aren’t really hungry.     

5.      Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day–  Grazing will help keep you full but not overly stuffed.

6.      Lay off the salt–  Salt makes you retain water, which can lead to bloating.  By cutting back on sodium (which is also good for your ticker!), you can avoid unnecessary puffiness.

7.      Try Fat Girl Slim Sixpack- In combination with eating healthy and exercise, Fat Girl Slim Six Pack is designed to give your skin a more toned, six pack look.  The caffeine contained in the gel helps diminish bloat giving you smoother looking skin.  Amino acids support natural microcircluation in the mid-section.  Creatine supports natural cell metabolism.  Oat Kernel Extract creates the appearance of tightening.  It also helps reduce visible sagging.  All in all, the Fat Girl Slim Six Pack is designed to help you achieve a more toned looking tummy.

fat girl sixpack 2

Six Pack Abs Routine 



ball crunch.jpg

oblique crunch.jpg

squat twist Collage.jpg


Readers, what are your tips for flat abs?

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