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Nautilus Sweat in the City

Oh hi!  If you are totally bored with my detox plan, welcome to part 2 of today’s post!  On Monday night I was kindly invited to an event hosted by Nautilus to showcase some of their new at-home equipment.  As an avid at-home exerciser, I was excited to see what they had in store! 


After grabbing a plate full of veggies, I settled in to watch Nautilus’s presentation.  For those of you out there who may have heard of Nautilus, Inc. but are not quite sure what products they sell, I should mention that they make the uber-popular Schwinn stationary bikes and are the masterminds behind the Bowflex system (I know you’ve seen those infomercials!).   The focus of Nautilus’s new products was on making at-home exercise more convenient, effective and efficient for users.  Nautilus also wanted to incorporate technology and social media, which was become such an integral part of our workouts these days (hello healthy living/fitness bloggers!). 

First up, the Schwinn Cardio Series.  You know when you are working out on a piece of equipment and you put your phone or your tablet over the display so you can watch or listen to something and then you totally lose track of what you are doing?  Well, with the new Schwinn Cardio Series, Nautilus has created a dual display so you can have your cake and eat it too!  Now you can view your technology while still viewing your workout stats.  Plus, the machine will charge your device (yay!).  Plus, you can synch your workout directly into the MyFitnessPal app because we know everyone uses that!


Now, I know you have all seen the Bowflex dumbbells that combine multiple weights into one.  These are popular the obvious reasons that you don’t need the space or the money to buy a full dumbbell set but still provides you a huge range of weight options.  Well, it’s all well and good to have these weights but you also have to know what to do with them.  So Nautilus created the Bowflex SelectTech mobile app, which provides you with an interactive experience to customize your Bowflex workout.  It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket.  A very small one.  The best part is that the app is totally free!

O.k. now for my two favorite parts of the evening!  First, the Bowflex Max Trainer.  This piece of equipment was so cool!  It was designed to be the new elliptical machine.  I know everyone loves elliptical workouts, especially because they are low impact but let’s face it, you are not burning quite as many calories as that machine says you are, nor is your cardiovascular training as challenging or beneficial as a run.  The Max Trainer was designed to make an elliptical-type workout easier, faster, more fun and burn more calories! 

Nautilus Max Trainer

How?  Well, the design of the arm levers engages 80% more of your upper body than a traditional elliptical because it simulates a climbing motion.  The machine is also perfect for doing intervals.  It’s fan based (like the old bikes many CrossFit boxes use), allowing you to push and push and push as hard as you can.  As we all know, HIIT workouts where you push to your max for a short period of time and then recover are super popular because they help you burn more calories over an extended period of time AND they get the work done in shorter time.  This machine is designed for you to basically do a HIIT-style interval workout.   Finally, the machine is incredibly compact and is perfect for in-home use (provided your home is not an NYC apartment!).

Nautilus 2

Ok last thing is the Bowflex Boost.  In short, this is an activity monitor.  It’s really simple.  You download the app to your smartphone, input your goals like calories, steps, distance, etc. and wear the Boost like a watch.  It tracks your goal progress and lights up red when you’ve got a long way to go, yellow when you are halfway there and green when you’ve made it.  It also tracks your sleep because we all know that sleep is vital to healthy living!   The battery is rechargeable although you have 11 days of battery life (!).  And at $49.95, it is the least expensive activity monitor on the market!

Plus a MAJOR highlight of the event was I finally got to meet Kimberly from Manifest Yourself in person (I’d only G chatted with her but she is amazing!) and Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama was also there!  Super awesome ladies at a super awesome event! 


Me and Kimberly from Manifest Yourself.


All around cool chick, Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama.

Everyone at the event walked away with a Bowlfex Boost.  I was so excited about this because I don’t have a FitBit or any other type of tracking device.  Unfortunately you need the app for the product to work and the app is not compatible with my iPhone 4. #OldSchool  Good thing Apple just announced its new line of iPhones!


Readers, do you have any exercise equipment at home?  Do you use an activity monitor? If you could design any piece of fitness equipment, what would you design?

* I was not compensated for attending this event, nor was I asked to post anything.  I decided to write this post after attending the event because I thought the products were interesting and cutting-edge.  I did receive a free Bowlfex Boost as a swag gift.  Also, links in this post are to my Amazon affiliate site.

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