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Power Pilates Mat Workout

This power pilates mat workout is the fourth and final workout in the New Year Reset Challenge and it is not your average pilates workout.  Get ready to bust through plateaus with this tough workout!

I’m really excited for today’s Power Pilates Mat Workout. It’s tough and you do need a bit of equipment.  For this workout, you’ll need some light hand weights and a playground ball.  This is not your average pilates mat workout.  We are going to use our props to kick it up a notch and you’ll be sweating bullets by the time you are done!

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Print out the full page workout printable to take with you to the gym and check out the gifs below to see how each move should be performed.  And don’t forget to have a bit of fun!

Pilates Mat Workout {New Year Reset Challenge}

Weighted Rollup

Start with weights in hands with hands overhead and legs outstretched long on the mat.  Pull abdominals in and anchor legs to the mat while you lift the weights overhead and rollup peeling your spine off the mat until you are seated straight.  Tuck the chin and roll back down one vertebrae at a time.  Repeat 8x.

Weighted Double Leg Stretch

Holding weights in hands, extend hands slightly overhead  keeping back flat on the mat while simultaneously extending legs long with toes pointed.  Draw weights down towards hips while drawing knees into tabletop keeping toes and knees glued together.  Repeat extending out and in 8x.

Weighted Knee Lift

Place weight behind one knee.  Start on hands and knees wight weight even between the hands and pushing up out of the shoulder.  Flex the foot and push the weighted knee up to the sky until the knee is hip height.  Point the toe and draw the knee back down towards the mat.  Repeat 12x then switch legs and repeat.

Weighted Crunch

Place playground ball behind the small of your back.  Bend knees and place feet flat on the floor.  Hold weights in front of you at chest height with palms facing up.  Curl the weights in towards the shoulders while simultaneously lifting the chest up to meet the weights.  Make sure you are using your abdominals to lift off the ball rather than bounce.  Perform 16x.


Place the ball underneath the small of your back.  Keep your head, neck and shoulders on the mat and arms extended long down by your sides.  Draw the legs to tabletop one at a time keeping knees bent and knees and toes together.  Drop one toe down towards the mat then lift it back up to tabletop and drop the opposite toe down towards the mat.  Continue alternating sides for 16x.

Double Leg Ball Lift

Place the ball in between your ankles while lying on your side with your head in your hand.  Place your top hand down on the mat for support.  Keeping legs straight with knees facing front and toes pointed, squeeze in on the ball and lift both feet off the mat then lower down.  Repeat 8x keeping abdominals pulled in.  Switch to the other side and repeat 8x.

Teaser with Ball

Place ball in between ankles.  Lie on mat with knees bent in tabletop.  Draw arms overhead and slowly start to curl up reaching arms towards legs and then straightening legs as you lift the torso straight coming into a teaser position with legs lifted off the ground and extended straight in front.  Lift arms straight up overhead and balance for 3 breaths, then slowly lower down to start.  Repeat 6x.

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Readers, what commercials, diddys or other songs get stuck in your head?  What is your favorite piece of equipment or prop to use at home?  

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