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Tory Burch Sport {Fitness Fashion}

I have another edition of Fit Fashion Club for you today and this time, I’m talking one of my absolute favorite designers–Tory Burch.  Her bags are classic yet modern, her shoes are iconic and her prints are retro re-inspired.  When her Sport line launched last fall, I couldn’t wait to check it out.

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True to Tory Burch’s style Tory Sport is full of fun geometric prints and clean, modern lines.  The collection is divided into sports like studio, swim, running and, of course, coming and going.

While I thought the swim pieces were amazing and definitely looked more functional than your average sit-by-the-water suit and her studio pieces were definitely chic, I was most attracted to her tennis collection.

Tory Burch Sport Tennis Dress

Her tennis collection is more country-club chic than Nike sponsor for the US Open, but that is what I love about it.  The classic, preppy lines, coloblocking and prints are attractive not just on the court but for a post-game lunch as well.

Tory Sport Tennis Dress

On average, I play tennis one to two times a week and we joined a club last year with the goal of improving our game, so I was happy to have something a little extra special to wear for a friendly game.  I figure if I look the part, that is half the battle, right?!?

Tory Burch Sport

What I love about this dress is that although it has a really dark navy color and looks like it is going to be quite hot, it is actually super light made of breathable, sweat-wicking material.

Tory Burch Sport Tennis Dress Navy

The striped v neckline is a super cool nod to a seventies-era look but still looks modern and blends right in on the court.  One thing about the dress is that you need to provide your own undergarments, which is good because you can buy your own shorts that have ball pockets (pet peeve of mine is when tennis dresses and skirts don’t have ball pockets) but it is also a drawback because at this price point, that should be included!

Overall, I love this dress and think that everything in the line looks incredibly cute and fashionable.  It’s perfect if you want to go straight from the court to meet up with friends.

Readers, do you buy clothes to coordinate with certain sports?  Have you committed to athleisure yet wearing your activewear to lunch?

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