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TurboFire versus Body Revolution

Hi there!  So I am a big fan of at-home DVD programs.  You know the ones where you get multiple DVDs, a schedule, a food guide and possibly more.  I think these programs are great because it gives you structure and completely sets you up for success.  The only thing you have to do is show up and put in the effort.  But, with so many different programs out there, it is sometimes difficult to decide which program is right for you.  Well, today I’m going to breakdown two of my favorites: TurboFire and Body Revolution and let you decide which is best.*

tf v bf TurboFire

Turbo Fire 1

What you get

17 TurboFire DVDs

Workout schedule

Fitness guide

Nutrition guide

Resistance band

5 Day Inferno Plan

Online support community

The workouts:

  • Fire 30- 30 minute kickboxing workout
  • Fire 55EZ- 55 minutes kickboxing workout at a slightly easier pace
  • Fire 45- 45 minute kickboxing workout
  • Fire 45EZ- 45 minute kickboxing workout at a slightly easier pace
  • Fire 60- 60 minute non-stop kickboxing workout
  • HIIT 15- 15 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout
  • HIIT 20- 20 minute HIIT workout
  • HIIT 25- 25 minute HIIT workout
  • HIIT 30- 30 minutes HIIT workout
  • Sculpt 30- 30 minute sculpting workout using a resistance band
  • Tone 30- 30 minute toning workout using a resistance band
  • Stretch 10- 10 minute quick stretch workout
  • Stretch 40- 40 minute yoga-inspired stretch workout
  • Abs 10- 10 minute ab workout
  • Core 20- 20 minute core workout, including standing and seated work with and without a resistance band
  • Upper 20- 20 minute upper body workout using resistance band
  • Lower 20- 20 minute lower body workout using resistance band 

The recipes:

The TurboFire recipes are simple and healthy.  Most are easy to make and they aren’t bad.  There is a little lack in creativity.

The program:

TurboFire is split into HIIT phases and Cardio phases.  Each phase lasts 4 weeks and the workouts are six days per week.  There are three HIIT phases and two cardio phases for a total of 20 weeks.  The fourth week of every phase, except the first phase is a recovery week, which generally includes easier workouts.  The workout schedule incorporates toning and stretching into the cardio schedule.

Overall feel:

Lots of cardio with some toning and stretching.  This program will definitely help you increase your cardiovascular fitness and the HIIT workouts really push your limits!  Some workouts are long (up to 60 minutes), while some are short (15 minutes) so your time will vary each day but every workout is fun!

 Turbo Fire 3

Body Revolution

Body Revolution 

What you get:

15 Body Revolution DVDs

90 Day Journal

Meal Plan

7 Day Kickstart Plan

Resistance Band

Online Club Membership (30 days) 

The workouts:

Phase 1

–       Workouts 1-4

–       Cardio  

Phase 2

–       Workouts 5-8

–       Cardio 2

Phase 3

–       Workouts 9-12

–       Cardio 3

The recipes

Jillian’s recipes were actually really good and most of them were really tasty.  They were plentiful and I was not hungry on this plan.  The only drawback was that it really keeps the carbs low and I need carbs to survive!  I am not a huge fan of cutting out food groups to lose weight.  Also, some of the meals were laborious to prepare and deterred me from making all the meals.  I especially need easy and quick lunches!

The program:

Each phase in Body Revolution is four weeks long and DVDs rotate every two weeks.  For example, in Phase 1 Weeks 1-2, the DVDs are Workout 1, Workout 2 and Cardio 1.  While Weeks 3-4 the DVDs are Workout 3, Workout 4 and Cardio 1.  The entire program is 12 weeks long.

Overall feel:  Lots of weight exercises with some cardio.  You’ll build muscle strength and endurance with this program.  The workouts are short (30 minutes) so you’ll be done in no time but they are not easy!


My thoughts:  I like both of TurboFire and Body Revolution a lot.  They are high quality productions with clear instruction and easy to follow moves.  TurboFire has better music in my opinion.  The songs are catchy and some recognizable but not current chart toppers so you don’t feel maxed out on the music.  Plus, Chalene incorporates sound effects into the music so when you need to do a really big punch or jump or something you have that extra kick of motivation.  The choreography matches perfectly with the music, which helps you learn the moves in my opinion.

Speaking of choreography, the choreography in the TurboFire DVDs is way more complicated than Body Revolution.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  If you are like me and enjoy choreography, you are going to love these DVDs.  If you have hard time picking up moves quickly and just want straight athletic moves, Body Revolution is your friend.

Turbo Fire 5

We all know Jillian as the tough trainer from the Biggest Loser and these workouts are no exception.  Jillian is in your face, bootcamp style, pushing you harder in each DVD.  Chalene has a bubbly, cheerleader-esque personality.  You gotta pick the style that works for you! 

I would recommend Body Revolution if you are newer to exercise and need to build up strength and endurance over time.  Body Revolution builds as you enter each phase of the workout with Phase 1 being the easiest and Phase 3 being the hardest.  Of course, you can repeat any phase if need be.  TurboFire, on the other hand, requires you to have a good fitness base before starting the program.  It involves a lot of high intensity workouts that are very effective but also difficult and you should not push yourself to that level until you are ready.  I would recommend trying out the Turbo Jam DVDS if you are interested in Turbo Fire but still need to build up a stronger fitness base.


Overall I don’t think you can go wrong with either program and I think if you find a program that works for you, it is worth investing the time and money! 

Readers, have you tried TF or BR?  What style of trainer do you like: bootcamp boss or cheerleader coach?  What’s your favorite workout program?

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