The Twelve Days of Fitness: Day 6

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The Twelve Days of Fitness: Day 6

Hey ya!  How’s it going!?  Is it Friday?  I have lost all track of days.  One day flows into the next and there is not much to distinguish one from the next!  But I do know that today is halfway through the Twelve Days of Fitness!  If you need to catch up, check out my Instagram #12daysoffitness.
12 days of fitness

Jump Rope 
This one is old school but so effective.  Grab a jump rope and get skipping for just 10 minutes.  You’ll torch a ton of calories and get your heart rate up.  No rope?  No problem.  Pretend like you are holding a rope in your hand and circle your arms while jumping over your imaginary rope.
Readers, do you jump rope?  Were you any good at double dutch?  I wasn’t!



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