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20 Ways to Feel Healthy this Summer

There is something unique about summer in how it inspires us to get active and take of our bodies.  The warmer weather, less bulky clothing and the craving for a lighter meal all contribute to that sense of wanting to be healthy during the warmer months.  Here are 20 Ways to Feel Healthy this Summer!

  1. Take your yoga or pilates practice outside.  Hit the beach, the park or just your backyard with your mat and enjoy an al fresco workout.
  2. Drink tons of water.  As the temperatures rise, you’ll be craving a cool drink.  Make it H20 and reap the health rewards!
  3. Rent a bike.  Pedaling and taking in the sites will make you forget your exercising!
  4. Try a new class.  Maybe you want to try a barre class or some HIIT or something in between, give it a go and perhaps you’ll find something new you love!
  5. Add fruit to your salad.  One of my favorite ways to get in all of my fruit and veggie servings is to have big salads with fruit added to them.  I love a good strawberry salad with goat cheese, red onion and pecans on spinach or a watermelon and feta salad on arugula or a raspberry salad with grilled chicken on romaine.  Plus minimal cooking keeps you out of the hot kitchen!
  6. Try a new water sport.  SUP, kayaking, surfing, windsailing–all give you a great workout with the beauty of the water as your backdrop.
  7. Spend some time relaxing.  Read a book, sit on a lounge chair, try some meditation or foam rolling.  Just do something to allow your mind and body to relax.
  8. Walk or run along a new path.  Low-cost and outdoors make this option really doable for anyone.  Find a new path to explore and make it interesting!
  9. Try some new summer recipes.  My favorites come from Cooking Light!
  10. Be a kid again.  Play with yours in the backyard or just head outside and good around for a bit.  You’ll be surprised by how much energy you expend just horsing around!
  11. Try some backyard games.  Instead of hitting the couch or scarfing down extra burgers at the cookout, try some backyard games like badminton, croquet, ladder ball or others to burn a few extra calories.
  12. Treat yourself.  Look for lower fat versions of your favorite ice cream treats and then enjoy!
  13. Try a game of tennis or golf.  Both will get your outdoors and burn off some serious calories!
  14. Plant herbs.  A great way to spice up a dish without adding extra fat or calories is to add fresh herbs.  Grow your own and you’ll always have some on hand.
  15. Juice it.  Try drinking your fruits and veg with a healthy juice.  Order one from your local juice joint or make your own.  Even if you don’t have a juicer, you can blend the ingredients in a blender and then strain through a sieve.  One of my favorites is watermelon with kale, mint and a squeeze of lime.
  16. SPF!  Use it.  Everyday.  Nuff said.
  17. Get off your towel.  If you are heading to the beach or the pool this summer, spend some time splashing in the waves or swimming a few laps.  Get off your chair and walk the beach or tread some water.  Just don’t lie around all day!
  18. Head to a farmer’s market.  Farmer’s markets are amazing for bringing in local, fresh produce.  I love scoping out what the farmers are selling and trying new veggies and fruits I’m not familiar with.  Experiment a little and you might find something you really enjoy!
  19. Try to hit 10,000.  Steps that is!  Use one of the new techy fitness trackers or just get a plain old pedometer and see if you can reach 10,000 steps a day.  No worries if you can’t, just attempting it will make you more conscious of taking those extra steps and make you healthier.
  20. Take 1 minute each day and practice gratitude.  Give thanks for summer, the weather and more.  You’ll feel so great for just spending one minute on thanks!
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