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Balance Barre Fitness combines the elements of ballet, dance, Pilates, stretching and orthopedic exercises to create a unique barre fitness program.  Balance Barre is a low-impact, total body training program that revs the heart rate and metabolism to burn calories while sculpting and toning strong, sleek muscles.  Our combinations are specifically designed to not only tone the body but also improve balance, posture and flexibility.  With regular classes, you can see your body transform into a lean, mean calorie-burning machine with the grace and fluidity of a dancer.

Balance Barre is a fusion of Lotte Berk, Spencer Pilates and classical ballet technique.  We use small movements, isometric holds and large range movements to overload muscles and work them until fatigue.  You will feel your muscles begin to shake but that is where the transformation happens.  In just 8 workouts you will see toned arms, a lifted seat, sculpted abs and strong thighs.

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