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Are Online Workouts for You?

The latest fitness craze these days isn’t HIIT workouts or before-work dance parties, it is something much closer to home.  Online workouts have been steadily increasing with more and more people opting for streaming services rather than spending on gyms or studios.  Last year, payments to online workouts jumped to 7.7% up from 4.8% two years earlier.  Meanwhile, full-service gyms, which hold the largest stake, have declined their share from 78% in 2014 to 73% in 2016.

So why the buzz about online workouts?  Well, for one, they are extremely convenient.  You don’t have to leave your house to get your sweat on.  You workout will also travel with you so no need to worry if your hotel has a gym!  For people with busy schedules and little time, the online workout scene makes sense.  But with many people addicted to the motivation an actual gym setting provides, how do you know if online workouts are right for you?  Take my fun little quiz to find out!

I like to workout in my home.

As mentioned above, working out at home is super convenient for some people.  It cuts down on commute time and takes less effort overall to workout.  You can roll out of bed and be sweating in minutes instead of having to find your guys, lock the door and shlep to the gym.  Although you might need a bit of equipment in your home (not to mention some space), in general, most online programs offer classes with minimal or no equipment.

I am a self-motivator.

If you have no problem motivating yourself to workout then online workouts are definitely for you!  Sometimes it takes a lot to push that play button.  The nice thing about streaming workouts these days is that many offer live streaming meaning that you’ll have an appointment that you might not feel you can break!

I’m interested in finding a bargain.

The best part about online classes is that they offer the same high-quality classes that you can get at your gym or studio but for a fraction of the price.  Most memberships range somewhere between $9.99 and $30 per month meaning that you can get a good quality workout for less!

I don’t need other people around me to workout.

Personally I am a big fan of working out alone.  I like getting time for just me.  Let’s save catching up for a drink or a movie or something.  Not everyone feels this way, however, and some people prefer to have company when they workout.  But, if you are like me and enjoy a little peace and quiet, then online workouts are definitely for you!

I like variety.

With such a big uptick in the online streaming market, you can now get videos in almost any modality.  From kickboxing to cardio dance to pilates to yoga and barre, everything is available at your fingertips.  The nice thing is that you will never get bored and there will always be something new to interest you.  This is especially true since, unlike DVDs, which offer just one workout to do over and over, streaming sites are constantly being updated.

I like things to work on my schedule. 

Always bummed because you can never make that 5:30 yoga flow class?  No more worries!  With online workouts the schedule revolves around your time.  Your favorite classes are available on your schedule.

So what you think?  Are online workouts for you?  I’m a big fan!  And if you love barre and pilates classes and want to try working out at home, check out my online site for high-quality and challenging videos!

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