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Have you ever tried a Barre Stick class?  Well you are in for a treat with this one!  Using a pilates stick, you can amplify your barre class by adding greater resistance and challenging your balance.

For this class you can choose to anchor your pilates stick either in a doorframe using the door attachment that comes with the pilates stick or you can attach it to a barre.  If you choose to attach it to a barre, please make sure that your barre is nailed securely into a wall.  This will not work with a portable barre!  You could also use the barre attachment on a sturdy banister.

Throughout class we alternate between using the stick and the straps so we can vary the moves and focus on different areas of the body.

We start out with a warm up using the stick.  The warm up helps get us used to holding onto something that is unstable and revs our heart rate for our first burst of cardio.

We then switch to the straps to get deeper into our legs and to add a bit more cardio before focusing on the upper body with arm work.  We’ll also do some standing oblique work.

We then switch back to the stick for some upper and lower body combo work that helps rev the heart rate again and blast out some calories.

We head back to the straps to finish off our upper/lower body combo work before focusing in on the glutes.   You’ll see some traditional barre moves with the added resistance of the straps.

Finally we head down to the mat with the stick for some core work inspired by pilates.  We finish with the straps working our core and our legs.  By the end you’ve worked muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Check out this quick clip of the work.

For the full-length workout, go to BBF On Demand!

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