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Boston to Cape Cod

Hi there friends!  How was our weekend?  Mine was pretty great!  The weekend started off in Boston and if you have only a short time in Boston, there are two things you must do!  First, visit the Boston Commons and second, visit Fenway Park.  Both are equally classic Boston but for different reasons. 

boston common 2

Boston Commons is to Boston what Central Park is to NYC, except it is so much prettier! 

boston common 1

boston common 6

boston common 7

See what I mean?

boston common 4 My favorite are the swan boats in the middle of Boston Commons.  I went on them when I was a kid but it’s been a long time.  Still, I recommend it if you have the time.

boston common 5 And the boats are not the only swans you’ll see, check out this little guy!  Also, notice the wedding in the background. 

boston common 3

Boston is known for its superfans.  Every single sports team has a great following but nothing beats the summer tradition of cheering for the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

fenway 1

fenway 2 Fenway is America’s oldest major league ballpark.  Just ask the seats. 😉

fenway 3 Seriously, the seats may be old but the charm isn’t.  The energy in Red Sox Nation is unparalleled.  A few years ago we went to Yankee Stadium (to watch Red Sox versus Yankees, let’s be clear) and the enthusiasm for the home team just isn’t the same as in good old Beantown. 

fenway 4

fenway 5

If you are in Boston, I recommend the W Hotel.  It’s actually a relatively new hotel.  It was being built when I first started law school, so not that old!  If you do book into the W, make sure you request the Cool Corner Room.  Panoramic views of the city plus an awesome tub in the room.  It’s one of the coolest rooms I’ve ever stayed in–no pun intended! 

W  Collage.jpg

w hotel 1

The W recently teamed up with yogibrity, Tara Stiles to create on-demand, in-room yoga sessions.  There’s a sequence for whatever mood your in from jet lagged to gearing up for a night out.

w hotel 5

w hotel 6

Just a short hour from the W Hotel in downtown Boston, led me to this:

kayaking 72014

Kayaking on Cape Cod.  It was a seriously beautiful day with flat calm waters and just the right amount of sun.  I think we ended up kayaking for about two hours!

 mini golf 1

And even some overcast skies can’t bring me down on a weekend in July.  We headed out for some mini golf and I actually won!  I couldn’t believe it.  It was a close game though!

mini golf 2mini golf 3 Readers, have you been to Boston before?  What sports team do you cheer for?  When’s the last time you played mini golf?

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