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New Full-Length Barre & Pilates Videos!

Hi there!  Hope you are enjoying the new Brittany Bendall Fitness!  I wanted to pop in and highlight some new full-length barre and pilates videos I’ve uploaded to my site!  I promise they will provide you with an amazing workout.  Check them out now!  And if you aren’t yet a member of Brittany Bendall Fitness, you can sign up for *free* for 7 days!  Just click here and find out for yourself why members are saying it is one of the best workouts available!

Barreless Barre Workout

You don’t need any equipment for this workout! Get a great barre workout without the barre. We start with a low-impact cardio warm up and then move on to standing thigh and seat work. We will finish on the mat for upper body, more glutes and abs!

Advanced Barre Workout

This Advanced Barre class will challenge your cardio and strength capabilities! For this workout, you will need a light set of weights (2-3lbs), a playground ball, a chair or sturdy piece of furniture to act as a ballet barre and a mat.

Burns So Good Pilates Workout

In this workout you will definitely feel a major burn! This is a more advanced pilates sequence that uses props to create resistance and really challenge your muscles. You will need a mat, a playground ball, two sets of light weights (I recommend 2lbs and 4lbs) and a resistance band that you have tied into a loop.

Advanced Pilates Magic Circle Workout

This Advanced Pilates class uses the magic circle to challenge your core, glutes and legs. We start with standing work and then move to the mat where we perform advanced versions of classical pilates moves. Grab your magic circle and mat for this class!

HardCORE Pilates Workout

In this HardCORE Pilates Workout the focus is on the core-rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis and obliques. You’ll also get some bonus arm and seat work. No equipment necessary!

Postnatal Pilates Workout

Get back into shape after baby with this postnatal pilates workout. In this workout you’ll focus on rebuilding your abdominal muscles in a safe and effective fashion. You will also work on regaining upper and lower body strength.

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