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Quick Beach Workout

There is something about being able to get my workout in at the beach that seems luxurious, like I’m on vacation even if I am not.  It also makes my workout feel special and less like, well, work!

This quick beach workout is perfect for a long day at the beach or in conjunction with a walk to the beach or if you just want to get in a quick workout before hitting the waves.  You can also do this workout with no beach!  Find a park or just your own backyard.

Alternating Lunge

Start with your feet together, hands on hips, abs pulled up and in.  Step one foot forward keeping your knee directly over your ankle.  Push off the front foot and return to start.  Step the opposite foot forward.  Continue alternating lunges for 16 reps.

Second Plie

Start with the feet wide, toes and knees turned out to the side.  Bring the hands into a prayer position in front of the heart.  Bend both knees lowering the seat down towards the floor.  Push into the feet and squeeze the glutes as you return to start.  Repeat 16 times.

Narrow V

Start on your toes with your heels together squeezing the inner thighs.  Bend both knees keeping heels lifted and together.  Return to start.  Repeat 16 times.

Single Leg Stretch

Start on your back with your hands down by your sides.  Lift both feet into tabletop and lift head, neck and shoulders off the ground letting the rib cage slide forward towards your hips.  Extend one leg in front hovering off the mat.  Switch and extend the other leg out as the first leg bends in.  Continue alternating for 16 counts.


Start in the same position as the Single Leg Stretch.  Bring your hands behind your head but not pulling on the neck.  As one knee pulls in towards chest, lift your head, neck and shoulders and twist the opposite elbow towards the knee.  Switch sides.  Repeat 16 times.


Start with one leg straight hovering just off the mat and the second leg pointed up to the ceiling.  Put both hands on the leg pointed to the ceiling lifting your head, neck and shoulders off the ground.  Pull the straight leg toward the ceiling in towards you two times.  Repeat with the other leg bringing the leg up and lowering the opposite leg to hover off the floor.  Repeat using the tempo “pull, pull, switch.”  Repeat 16 times.

Double Leg Lower

Place both hands behind your head and lift your head, neck and shoulders off the ground.  Lift both legs to the ceiling and point toes towards the ceiling.  Lower the legs to a 45 degree angle making sure your back stays on the mat and doesn’t arch away from the mat.  Pull the abs in and lift the toes back up to the ceiling.  Repeat this 6-8 times.

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