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IDEA Blogfest 2014 Recap: The Highlights!

Hi friends!  How are you!?  I’m so excited to tell you all about what went down at the IDEA Blogfest 2014 conference this year! I decided to do a recap today instead of Friday’s Food & Fitness.  Hope you are ok with that! I could literally write thousands and thousands of words describing how great this event was, but I’m going to try and keep it short and give you the highlights.  Also, don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post on Les Mills GRIT Summer Games!


In case you didn’t know, the IDEA conference is the premier conference for fitness professionals with thousands of fitness instructors and trainers, fitness enthusiasts, vendors and presenters in attendance.  Blogfest was a new addition this year hosted by IDEA and FitApproach that provided a special intensive for fitness bloggers with advanced blogging sessions that really inspired me and got me thinking.  Check out my highlights reel:

PiYo with Chalene Johnson


Ok, if you know me at all, you know that I’m kind of obsessed with Chalene Johnson.  I LOVE Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire and I just bought the PiYo program (affiliate link), which Im super excited about for a postnatal exercise.  I was beyond excited when I found out Chalene Johnson was going to be teaching a PiYo class for attendees!  She is just like she is on her DVDs: spunky, fun, enthusiastic and clearly in love with fitness and the programs she has created.  I adored working out with her and want to go to her class every single day!  

Chalene Photo

Jillian Michaels

Jillian michaelsJillian was our keynote speaker and she was ahhhhhhmazing!  She is nothing, I repeat nothing, like how she comes across on TV or even in her DVDs.  She is so sweet and so funny!  Yes, I’m still talking about Jillian Michaels.  I honestly don’t think anyone left that room that day without becoming a huge fan of hers.  I really loved a few things she said like:

  •  Take the risk. If you succeed great, if not then you’ve learned something. The worst thing you  can do is not take the risk.  She admits to having made a lot of mistakes in her brand and she learned from all of the mistakes to become a stronger and better version of herself.
  • It’s ok that other people think differently.  She told us about a “fight” she got into with hot yogis and she kind of said to herself, why am I fighting them?  So what if its not the cutting edge of science or the biggest and best thing, it works for them and that’s what matters.
  • She talked about parenting her three children and making nutrition a priority for them.  I LOVED this! She explained how she gives her daughter treats and how she explains to her daughter why these artificial foods probably could make her sick. It was such a sensible approach to parenting.

I have to say that I have always liked Jillian’s DVDs but I’m a huge fan of her now as well!

Yoga with Tara Stiles

yoga with tara stilesAgain! This is the second time this summer I’ve done yoga with her and like the first class Tara offered some really great options to advance your practice as well as modifications if you want to take it a bit easier.  I really like her relaxed style to yoga so it was a treat to practice with her again.

yoga with tara stiles 2Under Armour
Throughout the conference we had these tweet breaks brought to us by different sponsors.  Great brands like Dannon Oikos and Merrithew Pilates provided us with nourishment, movement and information.  My favorite was brought to us by Under Armour.  Please tell me you’ve seen this clip?

As a dancer, I love this clip and appreciate every word she says.  As a woman, I love Misty’s message.  There are days when I feel like what’s the point in trying to fight this uphill battle but as she points out, no one can absolutely tell you no except for you. #IWillWhatIWant I’m really impressed with Under Armour’s campaign and their focus on women.  Can’t wait to see more from them!

Ok this could quite possibly be my favorite! Ok they’re all my favorite but you guys know how much I love Zumba and I was beyond excited for this class!  I was actually planning on not staying for the entire thing because the sessions were kind of long and I wasn’t sure my pregnancy stamina could take it but I ended up loving it so much, I just had to stay!

zumba 1

It was a Zumba party combining Zumba Sentao (toning and cardio performed with a chair), Zumba toning (using toning sticks that make an amazing swishing sound when you use them) and regular Zumba.  The energy in the room was incredible!  I was so happy there were so many Zumba fans, especially since there was a Zumba conference on the same weekend!

Blog Friends

The absolute best part about blogging conference?  Seeing blog friends and meeting new ones! 🙂

bloggy friends 1

Nicole from Foodie Loves Fitness is like my West Coast sister.  She is exactly the same in person as she is on her blog and I felt like I’ve known her for a million years even though we just met in person!


Melissa from The Valentine RD.  I met her last year and she is so fun to hang out with.  Plus she’s smart as a whip and had some amazing questions for our presenters!

step and repeat photo

Moe, Caroline, Nicole and Marielle

zumba 3

Sweaty after Zumba pic with Gina from The Fitnessista and Katy Widrick

Readers, have you ever been to a fitness or blog conference before?  What famous workout celeb would you enjoy taking class with?  Are you ever surprised by how some people act in real life versus how they portray themselves or are portrayed on TV, online, on their blog, in the media, etc?  


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