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Balance Barre Signature

Our signature barre workout includes cardio, toning and stretching to burn calories, build lean muscle and then lengthen those muscles.  You’ll burn calories, have fun and leave feeling energized.

HIIT the Barre

Get ready for a revved up version of our signature class.  This class includes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) along with our signature toning moves.  Prepare to push yourself to your limits and then recover with focused strength training.  Please note that this class includes non-low-impact moves.  You should be in good physical condition to take this class.

Balance Barre Mat

Take your favorite Balance Barre class to the mat for an intense, core-centric class that fuses traditional pilates with Balance Barre technique.

Bump at the Barre

This one is for mamas-to-be!  Join us for a low-impact workout that will strengthen your pelvic floor, your baby-carrying obliques, your legs and glutes and your arms for carrying that bundle of joy.  This workout is full of modifications specifically designed for pregnant ladies.

Babies at the Barre

Love barre and want to get back into it post-baby?  Don’t worry about finding a sitter.  Bring your baby to the barre for this class.  Wearing a secure baby carrier, you can participate in this low-impact class while baby bounces (and hopefully sleeps!) along.

Babies at the Barre: Stroller Barre

Another post-baby option, this class allows the baby to relax in the stroller while mama gets her workout on.  The stroller acts as your barre to offer support for our traditional Balance Barre moves.

Balance Barre One-On-One

Private lessons are the perfect way to take your workout to the next level.  This class is specifically designed to meet your goals and needs.  Whether you are coming back from an injury or simply want private attention, Balance Barre One-on-One is the perfect option!  To schedule Balance Barre One-on-One, please email us at [email protected].

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