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Hey friends! I’m still relaxing with the Hubs on our babymoon but I never want to leave you hanging! 🙂 Awhile ago Holly at Eat Great Be Great nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. To say I was flattered is an understatement! Holly and I are both pregnant with our first children and we are about the same length along. She is actually having twins! I can’t imagine carrying around two little (although they feel enormous!) babies. That to me is inspiring!


In any event, the award requires me to impart to you seven unique facts about myself. So here we go!

1.). I’m not a vegetarian but I will often eat like one. At a restaurant I tend to like the vegetarian or pasta dishes and will often order things that contain no meat. Although I do live seafood!

2.) I get an hour for lunch each day and I have a “schedule”. Mondays I eat at the park. Tuesdays I take a walk. Wednesdays I visit the farmer’s market. Thursdays I get my nails done. Fridays are a wild card!

3.) I have an undying love for The Real Housewives. I watch NYC, Beverly Hills, OC and Miami. I actually have a good friend with whom I rehash all of the drama from the season with. We are both kind of obsessed with Andy Cohen and are trying to find a way into the clubhouse.

4.). I almost never make a recipe twice. Even if I love it, there is always a new one to try so I hardly ever repeat recipes. The Hubs and I joke that if we had a book of every recipe I ever made since we met it would be thousands of pages!

5.) I pack as much as I can into every single day. I don’t know if I have an extreme fear of FOMO or what but I try to do as many things as humanly possible.

6.) I met my husband when I was studying abroad in Australia in college. We both attended the same university. I moved to Sydney after I graduated and lived there for two years before we moved to NYC.

7.) I love being active and will try almost anything from crazy workout classes to SUP to kayaking and mountain biking. I refuse, however, to jump out of a plane or go bungee jumping.

8.) It is my dream to go on the Amazing Race. The only reason I haven’t applied is because you have to be a US citizen and my husband is not!

Readers, tell me something I don’t know about you! What inspires you?

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