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Pilates for Mom & Baby

Hi friends!  How are you?  Lately I’ve really hit my stride with my workouts.  I’ve found that pilates has been a huge help for me post-baby.  Plus, it is a great workout to do with your little one.  Here are a few of my favorite poses!

pilates for new moms

C Curve Roll

pilates for new moms Collage 1

From a seated position with knees bent and holding your baby, tuck your chin and roll back onto your tailbone engaging your abs and pulling them into your spine.  Straighten back up.  Repeat 5-10 times.

One Leg C Curve Roll

pilates for new moms Collage 3

From the same position as the C Curve Roll, place baby on one knee and lift opposite leg to table top.  Holding baby, initiate C Curve roll while extending leg long.  Extend straight back up, drawing knee back in.  Repeat 5x then switch sides.

Forward C Curve

pilates for new moms Collage 2

Sit in butterfly position with baby resting between your legs.  Pull abs up and in and sit tall with arms extended out to side.  Bring arms in front of your body like you are hugging a beachball and round forward tucking chin to chest.  Return to sitting and repeat 10x.

Readers, are you a fan of pilates?  

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