The Twelve Days of Fitness: Day 2

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The Twelve Days of Fitness: Day 2

Hey there!  Have you joined up on the Twelve Days of Fitness?  I hope you completed your plank workout from yesterday!  Today’s workout is super easy…take a walk!  Don’t forget to post it on Instagram! #12daysoffitness

12 days of fitness

12 days day 2










I always think of the Passion Pit song “I Took a Walk”…anyway, seriously, walking is easy, its relaxing and its good exercise. Walk around the mall, walk around the park, walk around the block, walk during lunch or even just walk part of your commute. Get the blood moving and burn a few calories at the same time!


Readers, when was the last time you took a walk?  What’s your favorite walking route?  Have you finished your holiday shopping?

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