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No Equipment Barre Workout

This no equipment barre workout is the perfect at-home workout.  All you need is your own bodyweight!


No Equipment Barre Workout

I love this workout so much because you really truly can do it anywhere (even by the pool!) and it is a great burner.  I’ve given you suggested reps for each exercise but if you are really looking to up the burn factor, you can do this workout a second time!

No Equipment Barre Workout Plan

Need a little bit more motivation?  Check out the breakdown of the moves!

Courtesy to Second Position Plie

Start with left foot back behind right shoulder, heel lifted off the ground and knees pointing out to sides.  Bend knees and lower into courtesy plie with back knee hovering just off the floor.  Staying low in the legs, extend the left leg to the side into a second position plie.  Still staying low in the legs take the right foot and cross it behind the left shoulder for a courtesy plie on the other side.  Repeat 16x.

Plie Twist

Start in a second position plie with legs slightly more narrow than normal.  Hinge chest forward slightly pulling abs in and sticking seat out.  Bring hands together in a prayer at chest.  Staying low in the plie, twist elbows side to side.  Repeat 16x.

Standing Split

Stand on right leg with left leg extended up in the air with both hands planted firmly on the mat and head down.  Extend leg as high as you can with toe pointed.  Lower it one inch and then lift it one inch.  Perform 16 pulses then repeat on other leg.

Side Leg Raise & Extension

Start on all fours with hands underneath shoulders.  Lift the left leg out to the side keeping the knee bent then extend the left leg straight out to the side.  Bend the leg back in and lower down.  Repeat 8x on each leg.

One Leg Bridge

Lying on your back with hands down by your sides, lift one leg up to the sky pointing the toe.  Peel the pelvis and back off the mat into a bridge position, maintain the bridge position as you lower your seat one inch and then back up one inch.  Perform 8 reps on each leg.

One Leg Pushup

Start in a pushup position with hands underneath shoulders and fingertips pointed slightly in.  Lift one leg off the mat pointing the toe.  Lower down into a pushup and then back up again.  Perform 8x on each leg.  Note–this can be done with one knee on the mat.

Ab Twist & Extension

Start on back propped on forearms with chest lifted.   Lift toes up off mat into tabletop position.  Keeping legs glued together, roll hips to one side then extend legs long.  Bring legs back in and roll back to center.  Repeat 8x on each side.

For the full-length 51 minute video, check out my online studio!

Readers, what’s your favorite no equipment move?  If you could workout anywhere, where would it be?

* Please consult a physician before starting this or any other workout.  For the full terms and conditions of this workout, please click here.

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