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Tone & Sculpt Barre

A new video has dropped on BBF On Demand!  Tone & Sculpt Barre uses light weights throughout the entire class to help tighten and tone your body!  You’ll definitely feel the burn in this class!

For Tone & Sculpt Barre I recommend using a 1lb and a 2lb weight.  We start out with a low-impact cardio warm-up similar to my other barre classes but this one incorporates 1lb weights to help elevate the heart rate and add slight resistance to the moves.  You’ll feel challenged and definitely warm for the remainder of the workout!

Tone & sculpt Barre

We then move on to the traditional upper body segment.  You can continue to use 1lb weights but I up the game to the 2lbs for this section since we really want to focus on burning out the arms and working them until fatigue.  The movements are compound so expect to also get in some good legs and bit of cardio.

We then move on to our barre workout but don’t drop the weights just yet!  We go back to the 1lbs (2lbs would be super heavy!) to keep toning the arms and intensify the leg workout at the barre.  We’ll use the weights both in our hands and on our legs to keep the muscles guessing.Tone & Sculpt Barre

Finally we hit the mat with our 1lb weights for some core work.  The weights will help us maintain good posture while creating greater resistance in our core work.  You’ll definitely work up a good sweat!!

I loved creating this workout because it was so challenging but so much fun to do.  I hope you enjoy it!

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